Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of work do you do?
    We specialize in interior remodeling including kitchens, baths, walls, trim, floors, rooms and whole house remodeling. If there’s a project you need complete outside our scope, we’ll refer or find a trusted contractor or company for you.

  • Why hire 512 Remodel above the others?
    Our position in the local industry stems from quality work and a competitive price. We always recommend you obtain multiple estimates when considering any home remodeling project. We’re confident in the service and product that we offer and will be happy to provide references of previous customers. 

  • Are you licensed and insured?
    512 Remodel is a licensed Limited Liability Company in the great State of Texas. We also carry a general liability insurance policy should the unexpected ever occur. While General Contractors are not licensed in the State of Texas, our company is licensed and bonded to serve your interior remodeling needs. 

  • Do you hire sub-contractors and how do you manage them?
    In short, yes and intentionally. We use only the best and most reliable sub-contractors who hold the same values as 512 Remodel stressing the importance of Detail, Craftsmanship, and Quality.  

  • Can we buy materials?
    We would prefer to supply the materials needed for each project. There are exceptions when it comes to fixtures and finishes due the increasing number of products available online. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis. In most cases, our contractor status from local suppliers ensures we get the best deals on materials so it's in our customer's best interest to have us handle them.

  • How do we select materials and fixtures that we like?
    There are numerous decisions to make and it can seem overwhelming before the project begins. Part of our job is to present options clearly, prioritize decisions and order them effectively to arrive at the desired finished product. We also utilize several fantastic local showrooms for flooring, fixtures and finishes. 

  • How does scheduling work?
    After we’ve had the opportunity to discuss the scope of work with you, review the project in person, prepare and estimate and you’ve accepted it, we will schedule the project and the earliest possible date. 

  • How does the permit process work? 
    Each local municipality governs the building inspection process which can include the requirement to obtain a building permit. It’s nothing to worry about. The permit process actually improves the care and protection provided to the consumer by ensuring certified professionals conduct inspections throughout numerous phases of the construction process. If the scope of work mandates a permit, we will notify you at our initial visit and as always, work within the established codes and regulations. 

  • Will costs go up after construction starts?
    We do our best to keep any changes to the contract price a minimum. There are some extenuating circumstances that could cause an increase in cost, such as: customer initiated change orders or unknown existence of water, mold or termites behind existing structures.

  • Do I need to sign a contract?
    Yes, to protect you as the customer and 512 Remodel as the service provider. Many times, our estimates are sent in the form of a contract so you can review everything up front and decide to proceed without changes if you like. It’s important that everything be in writing so there’s a mutual understanding of what will take place during construction. 

  • How will I be billed and what are your payment options?
    Typically, we bill half the contract amount up front to purchase materials and start sub-contractors with the other half payable after successful completion of the scope of work. In some cases, such as whole-house remodels, payments or “draws” will be due upon completion of phases of work outlined in the contract. We accept cashier’s checks, personal checks, and credit cards for a flat 3% transaction fee. We do not offer payment plans but we will work with you to select the least burdensome payment option available.